August 23rd, 2012 - The long-overdue site update
I've finally managed to revamp the whole site. Yay!

The main changes to notice should be much (MUCH) shorter loading times, thumbnails being grouped by week (and weekday), some nice transitioning effects and the (new! new! new!) archive section which replaces the old calendar. Also, I've removed the comments section, as nobody was using it.
I've also added keyboard navigation. On the main page, left and right arrow keys will move back and forth between the images. On the archive page all four arrows keys are used for image navigation (left/right switches day, up/down switches week), page up/page down are used for month navigation, and the enter key is used to return to the main page at the currently selected day.

The site should work on all major browsers. However, there may be some restrictions for "special needs" browsers like IE7 and 8. It will still work, but maybe not look as nice.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the site, or experience any bugs, feel free to tell me via I appreciate the input!
July 7th, 2012 - Five years
5 years.
60 months.
1827 days.

Everything I said after the first anniversary is still valid, basically.
Every now and then, I will be annoyed having to take a picture "just now", and lugging around my camera is not always convenient (but much easier, since I switched to a much smaller model), but all in all I enjoy this way too much to ever consider stopping.
It's part of my life by now.

I've compiled the self shots of the first five years into one big picture. You can find it in the '5 years' menu.
July 9th, 2008 - A new year, a new version
Almost on time for the "new year", I've managed to (more or less) complete a rework of the site. The old one was based on a JavaSript gallery (see credits), which was nice, but did not scale for the amount of images that accumulated over time. That's why I had to limit the images shown to 30. That was somewhen in November, and it took me until now to really make an update, which is mainly because of a lack of time I could invest in that, and my less-than-advanced knowledge in JS and CSS.
Effect-wise, the current design is less fancy, but way faster and scalable than the original site. Aaand I added new features. These are the news section (I take you already noticed that, since you are reading this), selected links to other people who are also doing daily/periodic photo projects, a credits section, and a shoutbox (and for those that look into the source code: yes, that's an iframe inside an iframe. The best solution i could find, and the only way to get it working).
I didn't get around to finish the archive section, so that's something that's going to be added in the future (the layout is mostly done, "only" the JS coding is left to do).

If you notice any bugs or flaws in usability, feel free let me know (either through the shoutbox or via
July 7th, 2008 - 366 days
Today I finished the first year of photos.
Whew, that passed a lot faster than I thought.

Taking daily photos has become an important part of my life. I really love to be able to recapture each day of the last year. I'm not going to stop anywhen.
Some observations about taking daily pictures:
  • You get more self-assured ("Let them look")
  • You tend to make decisions about going where or when based on where you will be at the time taking the picture.
  • Having a "standard expression" makes it a lot easier (and faster) to take the pictures.
  • Having a constant somewhere (time, location, facial expression, etc.) makes it a lot easier to keep it up.
  • Missing a picture (or the mere possibility of that, by forgetting the cam, for example) makes you really uneasy, like leaving the stove on.
  • (Therefore:)
  • Always take your camera with you. Everywhere.

[There's a more lengthy article (in german) about this in my blog]