To give credit where credit is due

This page is mainly build in JavaScript, using the indispensable jQuery library, along with a small PHP/MySQL backend.

I've used the jQuery date.format plugin und juggle with the dates, because JavaScript has only learned to handle the ISO-8601 (a.k.a. sensible, yyyy-mm-dd) date format since version 1.8, which is still not in universal use.

For the 'image loader' fading overlay on the main image I used a small script from A Plus Design, mainly because I couldn't be bothered reinventing the wheel and writing my own. (The script can actually do much more than what I use it for. Check it out.)

The footer popups (like the one you're reading just now) are done using the fantastic Highslide JS library. I found some help to get the 'arrow' overlay working at this site.

I'm tracking site stats using Piwik. Piwik is a self-hosted open source tracking tool, which means that all the tracking data stays on this server, and no one but me will see it.
[I'm tracking simply out of curiosity, and to have some idea how many people actually look at this site.]

Everything else I did from scratch.