What is this?
I'm taking a photo of the things I see (what's in front of me, basically) and myself at 8pm each day.
For the Greater Good of Mankind™.
Because I feel like it.
I had the idea of taking daily (or periodic, to be more general) photos of something for years. For instance, I always wanted to shoot the same photo from the Kennedy Bridge in Bonn facing the Siebengebirge for every day at the same time over a year. But I never got around to that (never mind the fact that it is nearly impossible to be at the same spot at the same time every day).
Some time ago, i stumbled over another daily photo project, which reminded me that I wanted to do something similar "sometime".
And as it is always with such projects - if you want to actually di them, just start, without thinking too much about it. So I did, and here we are.
Why 8pm?
Because at that time the probability is highest that I'm neither at home nor at work and still have sufficient light (at least half of the year) to actually see anything in the photos (I'm not going to use the flash. Anymore). I will still be at home a lot, though.
I actually started with taking the pictures at 10pm (and so are the first 6 pictures), but soon noticed that I would almost always have to shoot in darkness.
Why this setup?
Most other project resolve to take the pictures from the exact same angle, with a mostly neutral expression, in order to better capture the change of the person.
I wanted to more or less document what I am doing. And to see me change a little (or not), of course. But I wanted to catch my mood as well, so no "neutral faces".
I tried to experiment with the layout of the images, being more "free" and so on, but ultimately noticed that keeping the same layout has the most effect ;).